Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm so tired...exhausted really. My mom and dad for years have said that they think that i have something wrong with me. But this week i think it is because i have been working 6am - 12 everyday. First day I was ok...rested. kind of. didn't really have a break. Emily was in a race on the weekend. She placed 56 out of 250 grade 4 girls! So that was our Saturday morning, and then Sunday, it was kind of a break because i wasn't on my usual (as of lately) Sunday morning comitment on the worship team. So basically, instead of helping in one ministry for two services, my break was helping for one and getting there at 9 instead of 8am. (crazy..i know). So already starting this week i was tired. Also my house was not the oasis that I would like it to be. We have been doing our floors. They look inCREDIBLE..really. when people see them they swear that they are hardwood, and then we tell them that it is really laminate. So on Wednesday, brian took me out for lunch (which was so nice of him) and then I went to sleep for a couple hours and he decided to bring out the compressor and start working on be baseboards!! It was so hard to relax and actually sleep. I can sleep through almost anything, but this was torture!
So today...5 days in a row ( my mother in law had to add that she just finished 7 day of working and she's older than me and doesn't know why i'm so tired) I was doing pretty good, but then when i came home I slept and it didn't seem like enough.

Then I was watching Dr. Oz today and one of the topics was chronic fatigue. It would be one of 3 things: anemia (low white blood cells) cure: eat more red meat which is high in iron and helps your body create white blood cells, Hypothyrodism: where your thyroid isn't producing enough hormones. Cure: drugs (synthetic hormones...yuck) and third is Diet. So I'm going to start with my diet and see if I see any changes, and also start to eat more red meat and spinach (which are things that i've been craving anyway.) I'll keep you posted.