Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jane Austen

Well, I was quite wrong about Jane Austen.  The more I read of Sense and Sensibility I realized that she did add ALOT of detail.  I could imagine the expressions on peoples faces as they were talking, and feel their passion.  I think it was just in the beginning to get all the boring, complicated back story out that she tried to condense.  I really enjoyed Sense and Sensibility.  Jane sure knew how to build suspense, and interject suprises!  There was a couple times that I had to put my book down and just say, "wow! I never saw THAT coming!" 
Well, since I have this BIG HUGE Jane Austen book with like 6 stories in one book, I finished Sense and Sensibility and started right on to Pride and Predjudice.  Pride and Predjudice was quite a bit easier for me to get into because a) I could understand the lingo b) the backstory didn't seem too complicated.  A family with 5 girls and there is a wealthy man moving into the area.  The mom wants to introduce her family to him and hopefully get one of them married.  I think the only thing that bugs me is the fact that the families estate goes straight to a distant cousin after the father dies!  Why?!!  Why can't the mother own the house?  What?  They don't believe in women owning property then?  It still bugs me, and makes me so thankful that I live in a different time.  Where my whole identity wouldn't be defined by if I was married or not, OR if i was good "breeding".  BREEDING!!!  Sounds like dogs and horses.  Honestly, I want my girls to be happy with whomever they choose.  Yes I would want them to have a decent living, but not to be so greedy to disregard a person of character for someone who's personality is defined by how big their pocketbook is.  BORING!  In Jane Austen's time if you marry for money, it's considered a "good match".  I know that we do it in the day and age, but seriously! 
  I'm loving Pride and Prejudice, because the main character - Elizabeth has strong, decent morals and isn't intimidated to stand up for them - no matter how much money or influence you have.  Marianne from Sense and Sensibility was the same way also, but she seems to have more style than Elizabeth has.  Elizabeth isn't silly - unlike her mother, who is always comparing herself to other mother's in the community (ie: Mrs. Lucas) and is not aware of the people around her and how they percieve her.  Elizabeth is very self-aware and very discerning, and her judgment on character is always right.  I would like to think that I am that kind of person.  Not silly, or mean, or use my influence for hurting people and their reputation.  Which is one reason why people hate working with women - because they gossip and always backstab each other.  DRAMA! 
so ya..That's where I'm at with that.  It's either photo editing, photoshoots or weddings or scrambling to catch up on housework lately.  Looking forward for school to start.  Crazy.  I was happy for it to end in June.  My girls have such a hard time with kids.  bullies. stupid teachers who do nothing. silly kids (mine) who don't tell me stuff until it's too late.  So it's been nice to spend some time to recooperate and love on them.