Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what I've been up to lately....

Lately my life has been two categories...work, or recouperate from work. But, the fruits of my labour are to be seen! I have designed a website, and business cards (which are at the printers as we speak) and I have learned how to process Camera Raw! I was quite confident in my photography skills, till my friend teresa gave me some constructive criticism. She is a nurse, but her photography helped to put them through. She mainly does wedding photography. It was a little hard to hear it, mainly because it's from a friend, but I do want to get better- in fact I want to be the best. So I should land somewhere in the middle. Anyways, my ego is bruised a little, mainly because all I have been hearing is only good things - even from my photography friends. She gave me some compliments also, but for some reason all I can think about what wasn't good. oh well. I know she loves me.

Sunday I needed to get out of the house. It's been really depressing here, because truth be told, it pigsty! Full blown...mess. So I took the girls to Rundle park. I heard from someone that they had done a revamp and totally redid the playground, and they have man-made pond that the kids can swim in- it's actually a GREAT big mud puddle. I forgot about the mud puddle part, and the girls were in their play clothes, but I let them go in clothes and all. It was so hot. We later went for a walk by the river on the bike path. It got to be exciting for me when we found a narrow trail off the big path. Haley was NOT excited- she totally has her dad's sense of adventure. Emily on the other had was so happy- she was leading the pack and holding branches for everyone. She said that she wants to go there again.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I will be busy taking pictures all weekend. On Saturday, I'm shooting a family that brian plays baseball with. We are going to the park, and the Legislature Buildings. ANd then on Sunday, I'm taking pictures for the photography team. We are having our annual Father's Day show and shine. So I'll take a few pictures there, and then at night for the third service I'm exclusively covering the dirt bike races. I'm very excited! Not only am I going to taking pictures of the third service band, they are trusting me to cover a whole event! I hope I do good.

I got the first unit of my photography course in the mail today. I'm very excited. It looks like I won't have too much trouble with this unit - it basically covers composition. I feel pretty confident with that. And also a booklet on places that you can sell your photography! I'm VERY excited about that, but intimidated also. I was looking forward to seeing what my first photo assignment would be, but they sent me wrong one! They sent me unit four, instead of one!

Well, I hope this doesn't seem like "verbal diarreha" as my dad would say.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I'm finding it really hard to wait for my website to be ready. I am getting one through Dynamod (a company in the uk). I found out about them from a friend, Melody Lovejoy who is a singer, and I absolutely loved her website. I actually talked to her about it on Mother's Day, and it's funny how fast I actually needed that information! Anyways, on Dynamod, they show featured websites or portals, if you will. My favorite one is by this photographer named Eric Younkins. Not only did I like the layout, but his photography was amazing! Then Brian noticed something on the side - He's a graduate from NYIP! That's where I'm going! I was very excited after reading that, and I hope that when I'm finished that I will half as good as he is. So anyways..that's what my website will look like, but insert my pictures. Just have to wait for Dynamod to get back to me so we can work out some kinks...ugh.

Monday, June 08, 2009

I am one step closer to having my own website - my very own! This is kind of like my own, but it doesn't have my own name. I'm going to have my very own name! www.lgphotography.ca. I was hoping to have .com, but it was taken by some girl named linda gillings...grrr. I'm thankful though, because .ca seems more patriotic (which I am...to an extent). Last night I designed some pretty business cards. If you look on my other blog (http://lgphotographyca.blogspot.com/) you'll see the design I used. I actually made the banner for my blog first, and when I started doing the cards, I thought why not use the design that I just made?! It brightened up my blog a whole lot. It was just rosy-browns (which I love!), but too much starts to look dismal. Brian gave his seal of approval, and even went as far as to say that he thinks they are better than any of my friends who are photographers. ha ha. Well, I wouldn't go THAT far, but yes. I really like them.

His enthusiastic support is very refreshing at times, sometimes not. I have to laugh, because you have to take the good with the bad(which really isn't all that bad). He said that he's thinking of taking the course with me, and quite often he'll sit beside me when I'm editing. He'll give me feedback, whether I want it of not. For instance, last night he didn't like the new banner I made for my blog. He said he liked the old one. That's ok..I wasn't changing it. But then this morning while were walking through Walmart, he's says..."We should get you table at a wedding fair, and you'll book up so fast. You can hand out your business cards. I can tell you for sure that no one will have any close to as nice as the ones you designed last night!" I guess...if this is what a supportive husband looks like, I'll take it. He's just not allowed to have an opinion...but then how boring would that be! I probably wouldn't get honest feedback and how helpful would that be!

Today, I have the day off. I think I'll watch a movie...I watched Anne of Green Gables on Youtube!! Yay. It was nice :) Plus, I got lots of laundry done in the process. I also found the notebook, and Across the Universe (which I Totally LOVE the soundtrack....it's the only thing I listen to now when I'm editing). I'll probably have to do some housework too. It's funny when your "work" is more like play. I also think I'll make some time to play Guitar Hero, and Mario Kart, and maybe play Lotso on Pogo.com. Covering all the basics. haha. But it's noon, and half the day is already over, so I better get a move on. Priorities!