Sunday, March 18, 2012

Late night ramblings....

    I can't believe that I'm up this late, but it really has been a while since i stayed up this late and did work on my computer.  I've kind of been in a rut since about the end of wedding season.  Didn't matter how fast I was processing to some brides it just wasn't fast enough, and kind of made me feel bad that I couldn't please them.  Then personal life - things started piling on one by one.  My relationship with Brian was being tested  - His dad was diagnosed with cancer and Brian was diagnosed with Celiac.  This made him depressed and I did all I could to keep his spirits up and encourage him.  I was internalizing everything and thinking it had something to do with me - which it didn't.  He just needed lots of hugs.  The Celiac is getting better.  We went from "I'm going to have to cook everything from scratch for the rest of my life" to "Brian, you can eat at Swiss Chalet!!" It's getting better everyday as we discover food that is gluten free. And I love being able to tell him my new discoveries. 
     I made gluten free pizza tonight and I think I just might like making gluten free pizza crust better than pizza dough because there is so much mess with bread - kneading, flour everywhere, waiting 1 hr for the bread to rise.  Well gluten free pizza crust is basically a batter and you spread it on a pizza plate and cook it first for 15 minutes take it out put on the toppings and then cook it for another 15-20 minutes - EASY!!
   Things will be a little different in a few weeks though.  My youngest Allison has to get a endoscopy which will prove if she has Celiac.  I really hope she doesn't.  If it's just one person, I can have a hybrid kitchen - one with both gluten and gluten free products.  But if its Brian and Allison, I'm thinking that I might as well do the switch and make everything gluten free right across the board so she doesn't have to worry.  As it is, our dinners are gluten free - so brian can take leftovers for work.
  So I've been feeling like I'm starting to want to get back in photography more and more lately.  I had coffee with my friend Teresa and it seemed that alot of what we talked about was our two main interests - photography and singing.  (she was a second shooter for a couple weddings last summer).  The more I talked about it, the more excited I got, and realized that I really do love doing it and should do it for myself - even if business is a little slow.  Well, I had a photoshoot today, and it went...Ok.  I at least got one shot that I thought was incredible - to me that's a success, because I'm very critical of my work.
  Next week I decided that I'm going to go out and just take pictures.  I posted on Facebook to see who might want to tag along.  I love showing people tricks and cool things they can do with their camera. I also love seeing how other people see the world by the pictures they take.  It really says alot about them and what they value creatively. I only have one taker so far and its a guy from church who talks to me regularly about photography.  I'm hoping to have a girl come so were not alone- which I'm sure I can find one of my girlfriends who would be interested.
  For a while I've been wanting to go downtown, but have been too scared to go alone.  I did a photoshoot at night with this Artist/Musician last fall and we went to Whyte Ave which is right by the University and has old brick buildings, graffiti walls- i've used it quite a bit for my photography.  Anyways, I felt safe and mainly worried about how cold it was! But I'm going to stick to downtown during the day this time.  So something to look forward to.

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